20th August: Hallstatt, Austria – Day 1

“The most beautiful sea-place of the world” according to Alexander von Humbold.

Hallstatt, a village in Salzkammergut, is listed as a UNESCO-WORLD HERITAGE Site. It has 7000 years of salt culture. I got to know about this beautiful place from watching the Korean drama series Spring Waltz, where most of the scenes in the film were shot here. Ever since, I have decided that I must pay a visit to this place one day.

We departed from Budapest early in the morning by train and reached Hallstatt only in the evening. It was quite a long ride. We had to stop by a very small train station and then take a ferry across the lake. The moment I stepped in Hallstatt, I wished I had planned to spare few more days here. Surrounded by mountains, swans swimming on the beautiful lake and pastel-hued houses, the scenery was breathtaking!

How to get there: Take the train from Salzburg to Bad Ischl and continue to Hallstatt. There are trains direct from Vienna to Hallstatt as well.

By ferry
From the trainstation, there is a ferry crossing the lake. Its scedule coincides with the train scedule. It costs euro 2,- per person (adult). From where the ferry stops you cross the small square and walk left. On the left side of the market place (the main square of Hallstatt) you will find Gasthof Simony. It is about 2 minutes walk from the station. The last ferry leaves the trainstation at 18.29 p.m., after this, the train does not stop at Hallstatt. (Then you have to go to Obertraun, the very next station, and take a taxi to Hallstatt.)

By car
To enter Hallstatt by car, please use the tunnel-system, this will lead you to a big busstation. Turn 180° to the left and enter Hallstatt by passing the yellow barriers (gates are open during wintertime – 1st October to 1st of May / in summer, please ask at the shop next to the barrier for a temporary ticket to enter town). There is only one road that you follow, until you get on the square. Gasthof Simony is right on the medieval square in the center of the town. If there´s space, you can park there to unload your luggage. There is no public parking in the center, so you have to turn back and park at one of the 4 parking lots that surround Hallstatt (P1 – P4). Please follow the signs to find them. The parking fee is euro 1,50 per day.

10-minute ferry ride (€2.20) from a small train station.


Reaching Hallstatt.


View of Hallstatt from boat.


Our room in Gasthof Simony.



Charming & peaceful lake view.



Houses by the hillside.




Decorative salt bottles.



Seestrasse, the main street.


Beautiful handicraft shop.


Different types of handmade soap bars.


Funicular ride to Salzwelten Hallstatt.



Salt miner statue.




Group of swans swimming together on a lake.


View from across the lake.



Village square of Hallstatt.


Fish head taxidermy.



The restaurant where we had our dinner.




Lake view at night.


Village square at night.

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  1. Chung Tan

    Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures. They are truly breathtaking. May I know how expensive it is to stay 2 days there?

  2. A double room is about 55,00 Euro per night at Gasthof Simony.

  3. Jessie

    May I know what is the best time to visit there, based on your opinion.

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