The day we arrived at Gimmelwald it was bright and sunny with a cold wind. The sky was so blue and the weather was still warm. We felt very lucky to be able to enjoy such beautiful weather. But when the night was approaching, the sky got cloudy and it started to rain soon after that. And we were a bit worried about next day. It was the Swiss National Day and we could see the fireworks from our window at 12am on that night. The next day was very cloudy and we knew we wouldn’t be able to trek up. Thus we took a cable car from Gimmelwald to Schilthorn that cost us CHF82.60 each. The weather was so cold and the rain was getting heavier. We could hardly see the peaks, and only for a few minutes. We decided to have our lunch at The Piz Gloria Revolving Restaurant.

We hope that one day we could go back again with a nice weather.

Taking the cable car up to Gimmelwald.


Beautiful mountain waterfall


Mountain Hostel



Esther's Guest House





















It was going to rain on that day, we had no choice but take cable car to reach the pe







Few minutes glance @ mountains' peak.



Having lunch @ Schilthorn revolving restaurant






It was Swiss National Day, yay!


Inside Hotel Mittaghorn


Our room @ Hotel Mittaghorn